Payment Methods

Payment methods

We offer several payment methods for your convenience. Select a payment method for your quotation request for a quick checkout.

PayPal allows for secure transactions, which can be made with a PayPal account as well as through any major credit card. We ask for an additional 4% of your order total to cover PayPal fees

PayPal mass pay allows you to enjoy the benefits of PayPal’s instant payments without incurring large fees. PayPal calculates a particularly low fee based off of the sending and destination country. For current rates, please visit: We charge an additional 1% to cover PayPal’s harsh exchange rate.

To use PayPal mass pay:


Click on the “Sign up” button and setup your account. There are no setup or monthly fees.

Using PayPal mass fee requires a few extra steps, but is fairly straightforward.

  1. Add funds to your PayPal account on the “My Account” > “Add funds” tab
  2. Create an excel file for payments that you would like to make. *Note: this is necessary even if you are only sending funds to one account.
    PayPal provides an example here:
  3. To send funds, select the “Send Money” > “Make a mass payment” tab and upload the excel file. Follow the prompts to complete the payment.

Wire transfer

We accept wire transfers directly to our HSBC account. To cover bank transfer fees we ask for an additonal USD $10--30 flat fee.

Western Union

Western Union payments are immediately available and often have lower transfer fees than PayPal. As Westen Union fees are paid from the sender we do not charge a payment fee.