Product Description

Rear Camera for iPad Air 2



Product Features & Our Advantages

Products Features:

The New iPad Air 2 / iPad 6 Rear Facing Camera is a 5-megapixel camera. The camera flex ribbon is very different from the iPad Air 2 . The rear camera flex ribbon stretches out for the right part of the camera, while the front camera flex ribbon stretches out from the middle bottom of the camera. Moreover, the front camera flex ribbon is shorter than the rear camera ribbon. So it is quite easy to distinguish the two cameras.

Our Advantages:

The iPad Air 2 rear camera available from our is OEM and new. Each camera will be tested for at least twice strictly before shipment.


Purchasing & Installation Notes

Purchasing Notes: 

The flex is very important to the camera. If the flex has been scratched or has been broken then the camera will not work. A strict cosmetic inspection and functionality test procedure will be done and it will be packed properly before transportation. However, it is very difficult to make sure it will not be crashed or crushed during the transport. Therefore, please check its cosmetic inspection carefully and check whether it has some damage before you sign for it.

Installation Notes: 

1. The Apple new iPad Air 2/ iPad 6 belongs to precision product. It has some risks during detachment and installation process, especially when you deal with the screen and the flex. As a result, please test it before installation.

2. After test you must be very careful for the next installation step. The flex is very brittle. If the flex is pinched or over bended, the function of the camera will be affected. The camera may not work.